The Cat's Out of the Bag

"Best Kept Secret" Status Dissolves as UST Grows in Prominence and Square Footage harvey-photo-UST-CMYK For years, I’ve heard UST referred to as “one of Houston’s best kept secrets,” but how this is possible? Our graduates are making their marks in all areas of our community—and beyond. So let’s just put this to rest, shall we? The cat is out of the bag. UST is a formidable force among Houston’s universities. Our regional rankings affirm the quality education UST provides, and Houston’s employers validate it as well. As a hiring manager at Third Coast Terminals, a leading Petrochemical services company, said recently, “…the interns sent to us from St. Thomas have been top notch. We noticed immediately the skill level, education foundation, maturity and overall performance was leaps and bounds more advanced compared to other colleges.” We hear testimonials like this frequently, validating our graduates’ ability to excel in “real world” work environments and confirming that UST’s strategy for campus growth is on par with the needs of Houston’s marketplace. With the addition of the planned Center for Science and Health Professions, UST will be able to give students an even greater edge in the job market. It will provide the space and modern facilities we need to continue doing what we do best—preparing graduates for 21st century careers. Almost Funded SmallWe have raised more than $33 million, about 70 percent of our goal for the Center’s main building. We must raise the remaining $13 million by June —just 40 days from now—in order to break ground this year and open the main building to students in January 2017. It’s an urgent timeline, but just as our campaign tagline reads, we have “Faith in Our Future.” I humbly ask that you not only keep UST in your thoughts and prayers, but help me spread the word about our extraordinary university. And if you feel compelled to help bring the new Center to fruition, please give us a call at 713-942-5955 or visit With gratitude, David Harvey, Jr. Chairman, Faith in Our Future Campaign P.S. Check out this link to see the latest renderings of the new Center!