Center For Science and Health Professions Debuted April 6

103,000-SQUARE-FOOT FACILITY TO HELP TRANSFORM UST CAMPUS AND EDUCATE FUTURE STEM LEADERS AND INNOVATORS IN HOUSTON AND BEYOND The University of St. Thomas launched its new Center for Science and Health Professions building on Thursday, April 6, with a grand opening ceremony in conjunction with its annual Research Symposium, which promotes undergraduate and graduate research. The stunning new center honors the legacy that legendary architect Philip Johnson lent to UST when he designed its academic mall and iconic Chapel of St. Basil. Funding for the Center for Science and Health Professions was accomplished through the University’s ongoing comprehensive campaign, Faith in Our Future: The Campaign for the University of St. Thomas. To date, the campaign has raised over $135 million, $47 million of which went toward the construction of the CSHP.
The 103,000-square-foot CSHP houses the disciplines of Nursing, Biology and Chemistry. It represents a unique indoor gathering space unlike any other on campus and features a Grand Atrium; Student Commons areas on each floor with table seating, coffee bar, and Wi-Fi access; student seminar rooms; state-of-the-art classrooms; and discipline-specific teaching and research laboratories for Nursing, Chemistry and Biology, including an Advanced Simulation Lab for Nursing, Cell Biology Lab, Genetics Lab, Microbiology Lab, Molecular Lab, Organic Chemistry Lab and many others. The CSHP additionally houses faculty offices, conference rooms, and a Nursing Success Center. MGG_8354 copy In 2015, UST became the 55th member of the Texas Medical Center, furthering its ability to meet the region’s demand for well-educated, skilled professionals in the science and health disciplines. Biology and Nursing are currently the top two majors pursued by undergraduate students at UST, and the Center for Science and Health Professions will serve a major portion of the student body while helping to educate future leaders for the STEM workforce. According to the Texas Nursing Workforce Shortage Coalition, Houston will face a deficit of approximately 70,000 nurses in just three years’ time, and UST has pledged to help mitigate this shortage with the educational and research opportunities available to students who study at the CSHP. MGG_8353 copy Students in the STEM disciplines will be infused not only with unbridled academic opportunity inside the classrooms and laboratories of the CSHP but will also be instilled with the Catholic principles that are a primary component of every student’s growth from the moment they set foot at UST. With its prominent location on the southern boundary of the campus, the Center for Science and Health Professions will serve as not only an educational gateway in enhancing the minds of untold numbers of students but also as a symbolic front door to the University of St. Thomas campus for many years to come.