Biology Major Cites "Room for Improvement" at UST

University of St. Thomas - Houston
Lab assistant and biology major Angela Addison says students will reap the benefits of larger, more modern science facilities at UST.
Dear Friends of UST, As a rising junior seeking a BS in Biology at the University of St. Thomas, my dream is to pursue an M.D. with a specialty in trauma. When I'm asked why I chose UST, I respond with two points: I can explore faith and reason in harmony, and, the Biology department is one of the most supportive I've ever known. Yet, even with all the wonderful opportunities UST provides, there's always room for improvement, so I was thrilled to learn that UST is quickly closing in on its fundraising goal to build a new Center for Science and Health professions. In the current science building, our ability to pursue new Campaign Email Graphicavenues in research is limited by the equipment and space we have. The labs can be crowded if more than one research group needs to work at a time. We must also schedule our lab time around classes, which is difficult. Often, research space is only available in the very early morning hours or late at night. This can be problematic for my group, which occasionally runs tests that can take up to 12 hours, not including prep and analyzation. The new Center will have more than 100,000-square-feet of lab space and classrooms, something that is almost inconceivable to imagine. The freshman labs alone will accommodate twice as many students, meaning the students won't have to worry about delaying graduation because courses are unavailable. The extra space will enable UST to double the number of students pursuing a degree in Biology, and with our strong ties to the Texas Medical Center, we will find ourselves at a competitive advantage to any other school. Our independent research capacity will grow to new levels, and we will have more capable scientists graduating with a degree proudly bearing the University of St. Thomas name. Raising funds to build the new Center is the highest priority of Faith in Our Future: The Campaign for the University of St. Thomas. As of June 1, we are only $2.8 million shy of our $47.3 million goal. If we can meet the goal in the next few days, the UST Board of Directors will vote to break ground on the Center this summer and open the building to students in early 2017. If you have already contributed to this effort, please accept my sincere thanks. If you'd like to learn more or give now, please visit or call 713-525-3100. What a difference this new Center will make for students pursuing STEM and health disciplines —and what a beautiful new addition it will be to our campus! With gratitude, Angela Addison UST Class of 2017 P.S. Check out this link to see the latest renderings of the new Center!